Friday, August 5, 2016

Do you draw comics or wish you could learn how? There's a Seattle drink-and-draw for specifically that.

We're called Seattle Independent Comic and Game Artists (Sicaga).

It's free-to-all. We meet Tuesdays 6-11 at Big Time Brewery and Fridays 7-11 at Chocolati Greenwood. We play comic drawing games, share progress and generally hang out and be art nerds.

The turnout lately has been between 6 and 12 folks a night. There's a couple of super amazing pros, but we're mostly mid-level and super beginner. We absolutely LOVE helping beginners get started, so no drawing skill is required at all. Hell, we have a couple of developers and novelists who just come to hang out and work near comic artists.

Basically everyone's welcome.

I'm Jer, the organizer. AMA!

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