Thursday, October 13, 2016

I trapped a car prowler in my apartment complex garage and cops let him go :(.

This morning at 4 AM I walked into my garage and came eye-to-eye with a car prowler about 20 feet away. I clearly saw him peaking in a car before he saw me.He disappeared between two cars like a rat.I jumped into my car and went outside and blocked the only exit. He tried to get out the door but he saw me and ran back into the garage and into a stairwell.The cops got there in under a minute and fished him out. They let him go because he was not caught in the act. There was a second prowler in the garage according to the police and they went to look for him. I was told a report would be filed and they took my name.Was a little disappointed he was not arrested for at least trespassing. I was hit 6 months ago with a broken window and it would of have brought me great satisfaction, but guess wasting 30 minutes of my time so one of my neighbors can be saved the anger of getting hit was worth it, but wonder if the punk just went down the street and went back to work. via /r/SeattleWA

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