Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Visiting Seattle next weekend from Arizona!

Hey /r/SeattleWA,My girlfriend and I are going to be taking a 5 day vacation next week to see her family in Tacoma, where we'll be staying. We'd also like to spend as much time possible in the Seattle area.. she's from there and loves it, and I've never been (19) and have always dreamed of seeing the city.Couple of questions, if you don't mind!Any restaurants you highly recommend checking out? I'm sure there's an abundance you could recommend, but I'd like to get a local's advice rather than Yelp's.What're some good things to do? I think all we've planned so far is doing the Space Needle..Like I said, I'm very Arizona so the weather is going to be pretty damn new for me.. is there anything you recommend I pack that I might not think of?We're planning to use Uber to travel to, from, and within Seattle.. we're not old enough to rent a car. Is Uber pretty reliable or is there something else in WA that's better?Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!Thank you so much everyone! via /r/SeattleWA

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