Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Canadians hoping to move to Seattle :)

Hey r/seattlewa ,I grew up in Mukilteo but my family moved back to Canada when my dad lost his job. We never ended up getting American immigration so I'm still Canadian, besides feeling like I grew up in Washington.Anyways, my partner and I are looking to move to Seattle in the next couple years. She's resident physician at the moment, and I'm on the road to getting a marketing position. From what we understood by looking it up, it's fairly easy for Canadian doctors to work in USA/get a visa. If she gets a working visa, would I be able to work in America as well? If so, anyone know the wait time/procedure?That would be an option for me, or applying through my sister who is American.I know I should probably be asking someone who works at immigration, but thought maybe someone here would have experience with this in Washington state.Thanks :) via /r/SeattleWA

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