Sunday, October 2, 2016

Careless is holding me hostage in his AirBnb - 1 star! Would not recommend!

I've been locked in the bathroom of careless's AirBnb with nothing but a laptop and blanket covered with spiders. Every IP on the laptop is blocked except for reddit. Every subreddit is blocked except /r/Seattle and /r/aww. When I click the links on /r/aww, all it shows is the same gif of a very uninteresting cat licking its paw. Everyone knows I am a dog person!!!Does it get worse? Oh you bet your sweet snoo it does! When I go to /r/Seattle, it's all careless AMAs. He said it's because AMA stands for Another Moderator Aggrandizement. When I look in the threads, every post is deleted or removed! This conversation blows!!Once a day, he comes in to feed me gruel and accuse me of accusing him of stuff. He said that literally hundreds of you have doxxed him, so you all know his address and could save me if you really wanted to. Y U NO SAVE ME?Please help! It is very hard to poop in here with all these spiders watching me. via /r/SeattleWA

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