Thursday, October 6, 2016

Discussion: Seattle arts missing out in data-driven donating trend?

This past winter I read a Seattle Times article about args orgs in Seattle having increasing difficulties raising funds – tied to a new trend of data-driven philanthropy popular among the younger tech community.I'm the co-creator of the web series Douglas Fern's Fact File, a docu-satire of a late night public access show about Seattle current events and history. Our first 2 episodes played in Local Sightings, and we just released our 3rd episode on Youtube, which is about the apparent trend I mentioned above. We interviewed a member of the Seattle Effective Altruists and the retired director of SEED Arts.I'm curious as to what other people's takes on this matter is, and if you have any personal experience with it! We may want to set up a panel discussion later this year. Hopefully our episode can shine some light on it as well (in its own absurd manner). via /r/SeattleWA

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