Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Everyone here must be wary of the moderators

This is a subreddit ran and organized by brigaders, doxxers, and agitators who have spent years trying to drive leadership from competing subreddits in the defense of a for-profit event organizing scheme. Thee moderators here are fooling you all: they will do everything they can to use big data to identify, use, and market to you at meet ups and similarly to try to monetize you. It probably already began now that they have broken the community and decentralized us! It is a long term con and scam going on for years now.They are all users banned from Seattle society who repeatedly tried to tear down people who did everything they could to give you a clean, honest environment to enjoy the internet, free of commercialization, and they are 100% out for themselves only! Do not trust them. Do not use competing subreddits; go back to the real subreddit before they dox YOU. It’s time to go home and put aside childish things. via /r/SeattleWA

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