Thursday, October 6, 2016

Get car prowled? I might have your bag

TL;DR: I found a timbuk2 messenger bag and a laptop case, pm me details to verify it's yours and we can arrange a time to meet up.More details, cause I think this is kind of a funny story: I was dumpster diving around midnight when I lifted the lid to a compost bin to find some non-compostable items. A timbuk2 bag, score! However, there was broken car glass inside as well as some other sundries. Next to it was a paper bag containing a laptop case and a bunch of paper. Luck would have it that there was also a box of freshly printed business cards. I call up the dude and we agree to meet at Dicks. All the paper was his but he didn't recognize the bag or laptop case (although he did have a laptop in the car which was taken). The paper owner told me where his car was parked and from there to the dumpster where these items were ditched was nearly a mile. I guess criminals have to stay active too.If anyone has other suggestions of where I should post this to try to reach the owner(s), let me know. Thanks via /r/SeattleWA

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