Sunday, October 2, 2016

I want to vent about the sex I just saw

I'm a middle aged guy. Been to strip clubs in Seattle and a couple other places. I like to think I am cool because I have been in a hot tub or random boat with swingers (screw it, I need to admit I wasn't good enough for the boat). My buddies enjoy a sex swing or the bathhouse. Basically: I'm not a prude - I promise.I always pass by this joint a little out of the city that advertises sex toys and dancers. I'm having a terrible night with the SO and kind of want to be weird. Decent looking girls are often outside smoking, so screw it, let's go in right? Stroll in and it reeks of weed and there are a dozen guys plus a skinny dude taking money and 2 gorgeous chicks. Pay my $10 and realize I need to punch in a code to go through the door. Walk down a short hallway and it is a theatre. Is this like Taxi Driver jerkiing off theater?No... it is benches of men beating it to 3 old people screwing in front of a screen showing porn. I don't want to the odd one our so I sat down and watched as an older dude (fantastic butt actually) banged an haggered chick (no offense meant) as she gave head to what looked ro be an old guy who paid to be on stage. Pornstar dude finished up and got off the pedastool thing they were on as she continued to go to town on this old guy. At this point I didn't know if I was supposed to clap or throw money on the "stage". Dude next to me was spanking hard and I simply had to leave. Turn the corner in the hallway and there are another 10 guys watching brazzers or something like that but no show.So fuck me, thanks for letting me rant. I don't want any businesses in trouble and even kind of want to see of the good looking girls get it on. Deep down I assume it is sex trafficking and taking advantage so need a night to think about it . I smell like the worst strip club ever right now. via /r/SeattleWA

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