Tuesday, October 11, 2016

If the homeless bill passes, can I camp in parks? (I have a house)

I'm a techie asshole/hippy that owns my own home and am plenty comfortable. I love the outdoors, being in nature, sleeping in the rain/fresh air even when it is frigid (I usually even camp without a tent: just a tarp A-frame).This is a bit of a thought-problem on why the bill is a terrible idea, but also something I will legitimately do if my reasoning is correct.I read what I believe is the text of the bill (http://ift.tt/2cvN7vT), and my impression is that if it passes I can simply go setup a tent on the city side of Gas Works and have an incredible view from my "bedroom", at least for 30 days or so.The definitions section does not seem to define "homeless" or what demographic qualifies for this ordinance so without a strict definition I am wondering whether ANYONE could then take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.According to Section III.A, housing must be available for me within 30 days of eviction notice which will be true (my house). Sections III.B and C seem to specifically say they must give me 30 days, even if I meet the criteria myself (the authorities must "identify and make available" acceptable housing for me, which they can do by identifying my residence and waiting 30 days for me to move back there).Much of the rest of the text talks about unsafe/unsuitable living areas; I would shower at my own home and use my own restrooms and deposit my trash in my home receptacles so it seems I would be in the clear there as well. At best, they can declare it "unsuitable" (Section IV.B.1) and I still get 48 hours of beautiful city lights from my tent.My guess is that there is already a legal definition of "homeless" that does not need to be included in the bill that would exclude me from these policies; if that is the case, what would be my penalty for this behavior? I can't imagine we have anything like vagrancy fines/tickets what with this very ordinance trying to pass. via /r/SeattleWA http://ift.tt/2dVKPXO

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