Sunday, October 9, 2016

Question about Eastside Rail Corridor (not the Kirkland portion)

Hi, I've been very curious about this but online searching is taking me nowhere, so I'm wondering if anyone has an answer to this.I use the Kirkland trail portion of the would-be ERC fairly frequently on my bike commute, but I've been very curious about the portion south of the South Kirkland P&R. I know the rails are still in, and the sign at the trailhead indicates that it's open to the public, but how far does it go?Specifically, does it extend as far as the Wilburton Trestle bridge? Can you walk on the rail tracks as far as the bridge?Also, slightly related, does anyone know if the portion north of the Kirkland trail will ever be developed? Looking at maps, it looks like it might connect to the southern part of the Sammamish River Trail/Burke (the area that was used as detour recently ~one month ago). Would be really nice to have a completely car-free way to get from Sammamish trail to Kirkland trail, especially considering the mess that northup is on the 520 trail!!Thanks!! via /r/SeattleWA

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