Friday, October 7, 2016

Seattle Rental Agency Recommendations?

Hi all! I searched here and the other Seattle community but I didn't find much information, but apologies if this has been discussed before in detail!My husband and I just bought a new townhouse last year but due to work circumstances, he might take an overseas job next year. I'd rather not sell our home right away (in case we ever want to move back, plus it's in a great location in West Seattle and will most likely rise in value), so I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations or information about renting out their homes?A big contingency on the move would be if it's possible to cover our mortgage and home expenses by renting out the house. We don't have any relatives or close friends in Seattle so there's no one we can really trust to keep an eye out on our home either. Would be great to hear from people who use a rental agency to take care of their property but hearing the renter's side is also much appreciated. Thank you! via /r/SeattleWA

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