Monday, October 10, 2016

SPD Bicycle officers patrolling residential areas now? Saw 2 today cruising around Maple Leaf on the NE 85th Street bikeway

I've seen plenty of SPD Bicycle officers in downtown, but today, for the first time in memory, I saw 2 officers cruising east on NE 85th Street (where it is a residential street, east of I-5, near the Kona Kitchen).This is part of the same bikeway on which a guy was killed a couple weeks ago (on 1st Ave NE near 95th, before it connects with 85th) by a truck, so got me to wondering if SPD is cruising on city identified bikeways now to patrol traffic behavior.Anybody read or heard anything about increased SPD Bicycle patrols in our residential areas?I like it. via /r/SeattleWA

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