Monday, October 10, 2016

What do you want for a daily thread on r/SeattleWA?

When we spun up to full speed here I asked for feedback -- this was a month ago when there was only 1,500 people here, and today there are 14,617 of us. This is what we made:Sundays - SportsMondays - Weekend ReportsTuesdays - Things You Don't Think OfWednesdays - Politics - local & stateThursdays - Recommendations/RejectionsFridays - Free for AllSaturdays - Arts & HistoryBut a month in, it all feels a bit stale. Since then a number of times I've heard people ask for us to just have like a Daily Lounge or Cafe thread or something. A lot of people brought up r/Portland and their weekly rant and rave thread and that we should steal it.We can do ONE rotating sticky per day; we like to keep the extra Sticky slot free to rotate interesting or super hot stuff and notices in and out.Do you guys like the current rotation? Do you want a simple daily shitpost/lounge/rant/rave thread? Do you want it to be daily or weekly? Myself, I kinda like the idea of a fresh slate each day for shit posting and chatting, bullshit, and that sort of thing. And it'll be nice to have a place for unfocused stuff.What say you all? via /r/SeattleWA

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