Monday, October 3, 2016

Would Like Some Input...

Hey SeattleWA!I was excited to see a new sub for Seattle. I am hoping to get some input about Seattle neighborhoods from those of you familiar with the area (I know there have been many discussions about this). My wife, 3 year old son, and I live in Federal Way. I begin work in Seattle in two weeks, and my wife has an interview with Swedish at the end of this week. We will likely move closer to the city to reduce commute time, but are not excited about Seattle home prices. Ideally we would like to live in a diverse neiborhood, with character, good schools, and reasonable cost. We would consider building on a lot (this would be preferred over buying a remodel), or remodeling a cool older home.What are your opinions on White Center, and would you consider it a good place for a young family?What other areas would you recommend us consider?Thanks for sharing your thoughts! via /r/SeattleWA

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