Thursday, September 29, 2016

[Announcement] We've added PlusBot to r/SeattleWa

We've invited PlusBot to our subreddit! This way, we can have a system of rewarding helpful users in a way specific to the subreddit.This is how it works:OP asks a question (or not, I don't care), and then they can then award helpful responses a plus as a reward. For example, I can ask"I have $200 dollars and 12 dogs with no job. Where is a good neighborhood in Seattle for me to live in?"If I like an answer, I can reply with '+' in the first line of my comment. u/PlusBot will award the user a plus, and the plus score will appear in that user's flair. As I understand it, OP can award one plus per user per thread. The pluses stay with users from thread to thread. Also, depending on the number of pluses a user has, their plus count will change color.Here's an example thread with this done.edit: Added wiki link via /r/SeattleWA

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