Friday, September 30, 2016

To the Woman in the Convenience Store at First and Wall at 445 this Afternoon

For the record, if you're in line complaining that people are cutting ahead in a convenience store, and directing those comments at the person ahead of you who says they really don't care, you cannot then decline when they offer to allow you to go ahead of them.Nor can you take their admission of experiencing an anxiety attack and not wanting to deal who is cutting who, or who was in line first as "making it about themselves" when you've already asserted that you were just trying to stand up for said person.No ma'am, I don't care. And I want you and your daughter as far away from me as you can get before I lose my cool. My hands are shaking and I'm losing feeling in my fingers, my knees are trembling, and I am having trouble breathing. I just want to buy my water and leave with minimal human interaction. Save your "help" for someone who cares about who was first. We're all going to get to the front of the line eventually.Tl/dr: just go ahead of me next time with a polite "thank you" and listen when your daughter says "Mommy, she's just trying to be nice to us!" via /r/SeattleWA

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