Friday, September 30, 2016

Drug Dealer RVs and 72 Hour/Width violations

My block's newest resident is an avid cyclist. If he didn't spend all his income on really high end road bikes he could probably afford to rent a nice apartment instead of living in a dilapidated RV. I can forgive him, though. Bikes are great. I just can't bring myself to buy two or three really nice ones every few days.Judging from all the needles around, he's probably a diabetic too. Damn you, big sugar! He has many friends from all around the city, but I imagine they're very busy. They can only stop to visit once a day for a few minutes.I think he might have told some of his friends about the nice park where he's living, because some of them have come, too, and appear to share his cycling hobby, diabetes, and rustic living choices. Maybe it's a club ride support group hub.Unfortunately, he might not be up on the current parking regulations. I'd hate to think it, but if couldn't read, maybe the kids at the adjacent Boys & Girls Club might be able to help him.Anyway, his RV has been FindIt-FixIt'd and has all the violation stickers/warnings on the windshield, both for being over width and for staying longer than 72 hours. Does the city enforce this? I assume the answer's no, because they don't enforce anything, but if anyone has experience here I'd like to hear about it. via /r/SeattleWA

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