Friday, September 30, 2016

Would you or your squad like to be photographed?

Hello, I'm visiting Seattle solo in order to focus on photography. If you or your friends or your dance team or acoustic trio or whatever would like a casual photoshoot in trade of food, let me know. Good excuse to update your Tinder pics. Or we could do a take turns taking pictures of each other thing like on Negative Feedback's YouTube page. Note that the pictures will be on film so expect a long turnaround time and no instant feedback.I am staying in Mt Baker, but tomorrow I'll be attending a Meetup group for film photography Saturday 9am (Uptown Espresso, 2504 4th Ave). Then I'll be in West Seattle for a few hours, then maybe UW area for the evening. Sunday, lunch in Capitol Hill area and maybe visiting the Henry Art Gallery near UW for free admission Sundays. I leave Monday afternoon.Here's some recent stuff of mine :'s some stuff of mine when I wasn't so lazy and afraid : via /r/SeattleWA

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