Wednesday, October 5, 2016

[Advice] Local music scene-ers, which small/medium sized venues should I get in contact with?

Hey friends, I'm trying to be up and coming in the Seattle music scene. I've played a few small gigs, plenty of open mic nights, I've heard from several people that simply emailing small venues on their booking line and sending them material is my next step. Thing is, I have no idea who to contact. What places would you recommend?I have a pretty easy setup, it's just me on guitar and vocals right now (although I'll be having a cellist join me soon). I've played at Tim's Tavern, Conor Byrne, and Caffe Umbria. I'm not sure where else takes in up-and-coming artists.I have a SoundCloud, I can pm or comment a link if anyone is interested (don't want to get flagged for advertisement).Any help would be appreciated!Edit: apparently I'm ok to post a link to my stuff :) here it is: via /r/SeattleWA

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