Wednesday, October 5, 2016

[Advice] Trash/recycle laws for tenants

Hello my fellow Seattlelites!I was kindly directed here after posting to another Seattle subreddit, so sorry for the repeat.You know that we all put up with all kinds of bullshit living in the city. Does anyone know specific tenancy rights/laws regarding disposal of recycling and compost? I pay for garbage/recycling/disposal at my apartment building.Recently, we're having a ton of students move in with the new semester at UW. And tons of boxes piling up all over the recycling room. Our apartment building is now telling residents that if the recycling bins are full (let's say...oh around 1000 people live in my complex, they've filled up/overflowed multiple times in the past few weeks), we have to drive to the dump in south Seattle to dispose of it.I don't think I should have to drive to a faraway dump to dispose of my reasonable amount of garbage, recycling, and compost that I pay for.When I did a quick Google, I found a document saying "landlords must provide adequate containers for garbage". (Seattle DCI Tip #604 - Seattle Laws on Property Owner and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities)Should I contact the Tenants' Union for further questions? Are there resources you can point me to? Thanks. We've had some shenanigans go down in this building and we are sick and tired of it.On the advice of the other post - I'm going to contact Seattle Public Utilities and ask them about it as well as sending a message to the Seattle Solidarity group. Any other tips would be much appreciated. We are gathering data to strike back!!Thanks in advance, o lovely internet ! via /r/SeattleWA

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