Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hey I posted this on /r/Seattle, but very few people were helpful or nice

Hey guys I'm going to be in town from the 26th- the 30th and I've been looking into what I can do online, and on the wiki, and I wanted to hear about some things from the people actually from here.

One thing I love is hiking, but the weather in Dallas being in the 100s all the time makes it difficult. I've looked into hiking, but I don't want to go to a trails with stairs and a tilled path. I'd like something challenging and a little off the beaten path, but worth the reward. Any recommendations which fit that?

Also a big fan of KEXP, and I heard they give tours, and you can hear live music. Anybody personally been, and have an opinion on it? Speaking of music I'm a huge fan of live music, but none of the big bands I enjoy are performing while I'm there as far as I've seen. I enjoy rock, ska, funk, soul, blues, jazz, and plenty of other genres. Any smaller venues with any artists I haven't heard of but might enjoy?

Also anybody just got any general recommendations? I've been reading till my eyes are sore, but I just want to hear about Seattle from the perspective of somebody who actually lives there. I'm not sure I wanna live in Texas for forever, and Washington is a state I've been looking into. I want to be able to see what it's actually like.

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