Friday, July 29, 2016

Looking to meet new friends who are into board games!

After posting in r/Seattle someone told me to post this here as well so here it is!

Looking for friends!

I've been living in Seattle for 6 years or so and i'm originally from the east coast where it's a bit easier to make friends, although not as easy to "meet people." I'm a full time working professional, maintaining all that adult crap that i have to do between game sessions. For the last couple of months or so i've been trying to use to find folks. I've had a little luck but i'm a pretty social person when it comes to enjoying my nerd-hobbies and I'm definitely looking to make new friends!

I'm into a variety of board games, but definitely lean towards Dungeon Crawls, Card Games (LCGs, CCGs etc), Thematic games, or some of the lighter Euros. I'm looking for folks who want to play board games but also want to make a new friend for regular play. My partner just started with a masters program so now i have too much time on my hands and too many awesome games sitting on my shelf! Anyone else out there in the same boat or otherwise looking to make a new friend? I'm happy to teach every game i have.

Games I currently am way into;

Descent 2e


Champions of Midgard

Castle Panic

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Lord of the Rings: LCG


Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card game

Epic: The Card Game


Marvel Legendary, Legendary Encounters, XenoShyft Onslaught

Defenders of the Realm

Used to play Magic when i was younger, and i enjoy it, but don't care for paying a fortune for all the cards etc. but similar games are cool with me!

Also, I tried looking for some folks on BGG but i'm not sure if it's proper ediquette to reach out to those people etc.

Hope to hear from some folks.

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