Thursday, July 28, 2016

Speeding ticket help from state patrol officer

I currently live in Seattle and I got a speeding ticket in the Clark county district by a state trooper, who does not reside in the Clark or neighboring Vancouver districts (I called and they don't have records of the officer). I've sent the ticket back to the Clark County District Court for a contested hearing to fight the ticket, but I was hoping if I can get some advice on the subject matter to increase my chances of fighting it.

I'm in a situation where if I get the ticket it would cost me over 1k due to a previously deferred ticket. Any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated to help fight this.

There are a couple of odd things I could use. The officer first said I was going 75 (speed limit was 60) , but upon handing me the ticket he said he wrote me up for just 5 over instead of 26 over.

Another thing was that I was following behind a vehicle fairly closely, and both of us pulled over after seeing the lights behind me. He first walked to the car in front of me and waved the car off, then came to me.

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