Monday, July 25, 2016

How I voted and why (you won't like it, I have my stupid moments, you have been warned)

Okay, first off, I'm a union worker, so Pramila Jayapal (I don't like her heavy campaigning, but she is a pretty good candidate), Jeff Sprung (no idea) and Cyrus Habib get a free pass (those sun glasses!).

That being said, I did not do a lot of research. I skimmed the voter's guide, looked at the pictures, statements and glanced at the other things. I went over every candidate, not just those who suit my leftist agenda. I checked position descriptions. If there was a republican I thought would work hard to improve the lives of me and my peers, I'd vote for them. I am wanting to judge people on their stances and statements rather than their parties... but it's really hard when the party members all say the same things and the sides trying to get my vote aren't republican.

  • Sam wright : Whatever. He's not part of the big parties and I like what he had to say about medical policy. Probably would have been a good choice for commissioner of public lands considering his knowledge about fish. Would have been neat to have a senator named Thor though (you can see how seriously I'm taking this).

  • Mary Martin : Socialist. Nobody works harder for the common man than a socialist. Hey, it's my vote, I can throw it away if I want to.

  • Tim Turner : Fairly Oddparents... no, actually I picked him because of his previous job experience. He's not applying for a position that requires high moral backbone and compassion (he seems to be doing well in those areas, but we seem to disagree on some politics). Most of secretary of state is numbers and paperwork. Gaming software engineer and nuclear chemist trainer probably indicate a good mind for keeping track of numbers and paperwork.

  • John Paul Comerford: "fiduciary"

  • Bob Ferguson : alternative is a nice enough sounding guy, but he spent nearly the entire statement talking about bipartisan leadership.

  • Mary Verner: one of the few on the list that has actually stated doing something with wildlife. Come on, guys! At least the libertarian worked on a Christmas tree farm!

  • Grazyna Prouty: multi-lingual. Oh sure, translators are a thing, but it's great when people can actually talk to each other directly. A lot of parents in this state don't have English as their first language.

  • Mike Kreidler : Sounds like he's doing a good job. The alternative is a guy that hates the ACA or a guy who basically says he'll do exactly what Mike will do, but from a new face.

  • Cindy Ryu : sigh still nobody better asking for the job.

  • Ruth Kagi : See above answer

  • Zamboni John Scannell : His target of compassion seems more interesting. Again, I can throw my vote away if I want to.

  • Cathy Moore : Struck me as less egotistical than alternatives.

  • 1-2-3 : no. Because I don't care about making the Seattle waterfront more elitist on my dime.

  • prop 1 : yes. Because homelessness sucks. Sure, we could vote no and hope for something better, but in the mean time a lot of people would suffer, Which would likely cause a rush decision that's even worse than what we've got now. Better to let it ride and work on solutions from the inside than just drop it; even for a moment.

And there you have my logic for voting. Simple minded, potentially misdirected, certainly half-cocked and ignorant. But hey, my vote won't make a difference, so I might as well vote for who I want rather than who I think is going to win. Maybe I'm just suffering from voter's fatigue. That's a thing, right?

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