Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I am coming out to Seattle next month for a weekend. What do I do and with who?

Just looking for some Netflix suggestions... I'll be in town the week of August 22nd, leaving the next Sunday.

What bars should I go to? I'm 24 so I'd prefer a social setting with those around my age. I plan on bar hopping. I prefer something relaxed...no dress codes. I've heard EDM is way popular in Seattle. I love themed bars (i.e. Harry Potter pub, something like that).

What hotel should I stay at? I can use google for this, but figured I put it in here. Looking for something cheap downtown, I don't plan on being in my room much.

Where should I eat? You don't need to ask what I like. I like it all. I had sushi the last time and it was phenomenal. Some mid price range places, nothing 4 stars.

What activities? (i.e. if you came to my hometown I would say go down Vine Street and eat and drink your heart out, take in the city from Bellevue park, get a pedal wagon, fight a homeless person, go see the Cincinnati Reds get their asses beat red, play board games at The Rook, play video games and drink at 16 bit, etc.). I'm pretty nerdy and loved themed bars, anything like that would be cool. Maybe a suggestion for somewhere to take the city in? PLEASE DON'T SUGGEST RIDE THE DUCKS. I've heard some of my coworkers out in Seattle suggest riding the ferry, but what does riding the ferry entail?

Which places should I avoid? (i.e. this places sucks, overhyped, you might get stabbed, etc.)

What's something weird I can do while I'm out here? I've heard Capitol Hill is a hipster's paradise, and while I'm not much of a hipster I enjoy weird stuff.

How should I get around? I won't have vehicle transport. I don't mind walking or paying for ubers. I've heard you have monorails?

Last time I was out I saw the gum wall, hiked up Mt. Si, got a bag of Dick's (food), saw the space needle (didn't go inside), and ate the best sushi I've ever had.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, the hospitality is greatly appreciated. And if anyone wants to be my personal concierge, by all means!

EDIT: I looked at the wiki before posting, it has great suggestions but some of the stuff is old and maybe not tailored for me.

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