Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tell me of the weird and creepy side of Seattle and Washington State

Hello lovely Seattleites.

I'm due to start running a modern occult horror roleplaying game (Unknown Armies) and my group has decided that they'd like to set it in the Seattle area (and State of Washington.)

We're all from the UK, and our only contact with Seattle is from Fraiser, Grunge Music, Starbucks and the pine hills.

The game is a bit like the X-Files, Twin Peaks, Gravity Falls etc. Supernatural weirdness based on obsession, magical thinking, urban myths and the worry that that whispered gossip might be true "If you play dice in the alley off 5th and Ballard, you can win more than just money - or lose it too!"

If you have any inspiration or links to the weird, creepy or just strange about Seattle and Washington please share it. I've looked at Atlas Obscura and 'Weird Washington' but they're a bit sparse.

Many Thanks.

I have already posted this on r/Seattle, but someone suggested that I repost it here for a broader response.

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