Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You are a dick if you drive in the emergency lanes. [x-post r/seattle]

On my way home, I saw 2 cars in the 520 emergency lanes. They were getting off on the next exit. Then I saw a 3rd doing the same. None of them were damaged or looked to be any sort of emergency or even related in any way. I have also seen this before once.

If you drive in the emergency lanes, other people will start doing the same. It may seem like, at best, you are helping traffic in the short term, but if everyone uses it as a lane and there is an accident, what's the point of it?

Before anyone tells me to use HERO, I was already writing up the Red Jeep that cut in front of me illegally using the HOV on-ramp that I reported 2 weeks ago for illegally using the HOV on-ramp and then lane. So I didn't think fast enough for a photo of those plates.

Maybe it is just time to give into DOT Satan and join the fun.

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