Friday, July 22, 2016

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) resuming flights to Seattle?

In 2009 when the global economy was struggling and with new competition from Icelandair, Scandinavian Airlines cancelled it's flight from Seattle to Copenhagen, thereby ceasing all direct flights between Scandinavia and the west coast US. Today after the economic rebound in Nordic countries, SAS now flies between Copenhagen and San Francisco and between Stockholm and Los Angeles.

I know we cannot believe everything we read on the internet, but both SeaTac and Copenhagen Airport's wikipedia pages read that SAS now flies between SeaTac's South Satellite Terminal and Copenhagen's Terminal 3. I am fairly confident this was updated within the last month or so.



Now this may well be, and probably is, incorrect since I cannot find any information directly from SAS (as opposed to forums) that is actually announcing the resuming of flights. That said, given Seattle's growth and despite continued service from Icelandair creating increased competition for SAS if it were to return, is it possible that SAS may resume flights to Seattle within the next few years? If so, should it be Seattle-Copenhagen? With 2/3 of SAS's Scandinavian hubs (Copenhagen, Stockholm) presently serving west coast cities, should this flight serve Oslo instead?

What is everybody's sense on this?

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