Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dental Hygiene Student near Tacoma Is Looking for Patients!

Hi everyone! I am Ksenia, the dental hygiene student at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom, located just south of Tacoma.

I'm desperately looking for volunteer patients to have their teeth cleaned at a very low cost. As a student, we're responsible for finding our own patients so any help would be greatly appreciated. We take Apple Health/Provider One insurance and our prices are drastically cheaper than private offices if you don't have insurance. We also offer further 50% discounted prices for veterans.

If you haven't gone to the dentist in quite some time and are overdue for a cleaning then please don't be shy! Feel free to contact me at (253) 468-8861 if you or anyone you might know may be interested in a free screening appointment! Also, feel free to share this post to help get the word out! You qualify if: 1) You have not you have not had your teeth cleaned for 5+ years. 2) You are willing to come for multiple appointments 3 hours each. 3) Appointments available on the following days: Mondays 1pm, Tuesdays 8am and 1pm, Wednesdays 8am The rates are the following: Adult and child cleanings: $25-50 Comprehensive examination by dentist: $15-25 X-rays: $5-40 Sealants: $15-60 Please don't be shy - I'm very gentle and never judgmental. My goal is to get your smile brighter :) The whole procedure will take minimum 3 appointments, 2-3 hours each. Please send me a text or call at (253)468-8861 anytime.

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