Saturday, July 16, 2016

I have to get this off my chest: the income inequality that I see everyday. (x-post from r/Seattle)

Everyday there's a sweetheart of a lady who stands and holds her sign on the on-ramp near the U-District - she tells me I'm beautiful and to drive safe in my '90's Honda (yes, it's been stolen before). I make my way onto 520 and to Redmond/Woodinville area where I work for a Microsoft family. I pass by multimillion-dollar homes, drive next to Lamborghinis and Ferraris, and stop into Starbucks where the lady next to me is grabbing her iPhone out of her Louis Vuitton bag. I do my work, I go home where I take my dog to play fetch at the park; here, there are people from all walks of life without a home. Sometimes I say Hi. I then go home to my studio apartment where I pay 3.50/sq. Ft. in rent/mo and try to live within my means (I just graduated).

I can't help but reflect on the striking differences between here and there. It saddens me to no end

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