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We are building a basement apartment. Seattle Renters: What size bed do you own? Studio or small bedroom, which is better?

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We are about to start the process of turning our basement into an ADU (apartment). House is in Ballard. Here is the proposed layout:

The bathroom already exists, and the kitchenette will be using the plumbing of what used to be a laundry room, so they cannot move. There is also a support pillar right about where the "wall extension" arrow is, so the closet has to be the size it is.

Total square footage of this apt will be just under 500 sq ft (470 or 480 IIRC)

We have two layout options: the studio as is laid out here, or putting in a wall where the red line is and making a bedroom that is 13'11" by 8'11" (making the living room section 13'11" by 11'4", minus the 5 or so inches for a wall).

Obviously we'll get more rent for an apt with a bedroom, but we're sort of concerned that the bedroom might feel/be really small. A full size bed would fit against the 13'11" wall with 2'8" at the end to walk around it, a queen would only fit along the short wall (under the egress window) and would have 3'11" to be split on either side (so just under two feet on each side of the bed).

Someone with a twin or full size (especially a single person that could put the bed in a corner and not a couple) would have more space. Plus the bedroom is much longer than it is wide, so maybe it'll feel bigger anyway? We will be installing can lights and picking light paint colors to make it feel bigger/lighter, but there's only so much you can do in a basement room.

So, Seattle renters: can I pick your brain? Is that bedroom too small for your bedroom furniture? Would you rather rent a studio and have the entire place feel larger? Does making the bedroom make the living room too small? Are we thinking too much? If its a nice apt would you even notice?

Thanks guys.

tl,dr: making basement apartment, concerned proposed bedroom might be too small.

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